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Última atualização em 14/09/2020

Portobello Group’s digital platform is dedicated to the architecture and design universe focused on tiles. Archtrends Portobello is a space to display professional projects, with new content added daily, as well as a source of inspiration for the end consumer. In order to improve the user’s experience, the information on Casas Portobello, which is also a Portobello Group’s product, has migrated automatically to Archtrends Portobello, maintaining the image yielded conditions.

The following Terms of Use set the use and access to Archtrends Portobello and must be read carefully prior to any interaction with the site. Thus, make sure you agree with the document because the Archtrends use or access implies that you have read, agreed and accepted to comply with the terms, conditions and warnings set forth herein.

If you have any question or suggestion, please, contact us so we can always improve our product!

Using Archtrends Portobello

– Who can use Archtrends Portobello?

Archtrends Portobello can be used by the general public, both end consumers and professionals. While end consumers are users interested in the content solely for informative, inspirational and personal purposes, professionals can make use of the website’s Projects and Constructions area for commercial and advertising purposes.

– Using Archtrends Portobello for commercial purposes

By registering a profile and uploading projects in the Projects and Constructions area of Archtrends Portobello, whether as a company, organization or other entity, you declare that you are authorized to speak on behalf of that account on the website and that the company, organization or entity agrees to grant all permissions and authorizations provided in the Terms of Use.

If you want to use Archtrends Portobello for commercial purposes:

1 – You can send images of rooms declaring that those images belong to you or the company registered by you;

2 – You can promote Archtrends Portobello in any communication channel or social media to show your published projects;

3 – You must not insert a watermark or any graphic art or text over the image.

– When do I need to provide personal information?

Most Archtrends Portobello categories can be visited without requiring you to provide personal information. However, in order to have access to certain resources, such as to upload projects to the Projects and Constructions area, we need to request some data that identifies you as a single registration entry. If you choose not to provide them, you may have your account denied.

– Original Archtrends Portobello content

Original content of any nature published in Archtrends Portobello is owned by Archtrends Portobello, which grants you a license to access and use such content solely for informational, personal, and non-commercial purposes.

– Content included in Projects and Constructions

Archtrends Portobello allows you to publish content, including photos, comments and links in the Projects and Constructions area, which makes you the sole responsible for the rights of any content that you post or make available here. Additionally, Archtrends Portobello is not responsible for the accuracy of the contents it distributes nor for the guarantee of third parties’ services.

If these terms are violated, Archtrends Portobello reserves the right to remove or modify certain content. At the time you publish any content on Archtrends Portobello, you fully agree and accept the following terms regarding the authorization for use of image:

I – I authorize Portobello Group to use images assigned by me regarding the architecture and decoration of rooms owned by me (private), in which ceramic products of the brand were used.

II – I authorize Portobello Group to post, reproduce, communicate and publish the images assigned under this authorization. Photographs may be partially or fully reproduced on any medium (paper, digital, magnetic, fabric, plastic, etc.) and integrated with any other material (photographs, drawing, illustration, painting, video, animation, catalogs, brochure, flyers, etc.), already known or that will come to exist in the future.

III – I authorize the use of the yielded images in Brazil and/or any other part of the world and within any scope (publicity, edition, press, packaging, design, website, blog, etc.), directly by Portobello Group or assigned to third parties for an indefinite period of time.

IV – I declare and acknowledge that the yielded images are not linked to any exclusive agreement to use authorized images, and that such images are of my exclusive property.

V – I acknowledge that Portobello Group will not be liable for any proprietary rights of the yielded images that may be claimed by third parties, in or out of court, in which case I shall intervene immediately in the proceeding.

VI – I acknowledge that I will be responsible for repairing occasional damages to Portobello Group in case of forwarding images of third parties as if they were of my property.

VII – I authorize Portobello Group to use the yielded images of my property free of charge. I acknowledge that my rights have been properly respected and that no payment will be due to me for the assignment of the images.

VIII – I accept that after posting my images on Archtrends Portobello, they can remain published even after my profile has been disabled. Additionally, Portobello Group and Archtrends Portobello users may continue to use, store, view, reproduce, modify, create inspired works, perform and distribute any posted image.


Portobello Group declares that it will feature the names and respective credits of the authors and owners of the yielded images. We respect copyright.


We care about our users’ security. Although we work to protect the security of your account and its content, Portobello Group cannot guarantee that unauthorized third parties will not be able to bypass our security measures. Please inform us immediately of any compromise or unauthorized use of your account.


Portobello Group may cancel or suspend your license at any moment, with or without cause, regardless of prior notice. Upon termination, you will continue to be bound by the terms agreed in this document.


If you enter images, comments and links, appropriating images and rights that are not yours or that may diminish or offend someone or any company, you agree to compensate and exempt Portobello Group and its officers, directors, employees and representatives from any claims, proceedings, procedures, disputes, lawsuits, liabilities, damages, losses, costs and expenses, attorney’s fees and accounting expenses (including costs of defending claims, proceedings or appeals filed by third parties) related to the access to or use of Archtrends Portobello in violation of any of these Terms.

General Conditions

Procedures for notification and change of these Terms

Portobello Group reserves the right to determine the way and means of providing notifications to those registered at Archtrends Portobello, stating in advance that it agrees to receive legal notices electronically. It is Portobello Group’s prerogative to revise the terms presented herein, regardless of its reason, provided that the updated version of the terms will always be available on Archtrends Portobello.

Portobello Group also has the right to forward notifications to Archtrends Portobello users whenever, according to its criteria, it understands that the revision is important and implies significant changes.

By continuing to use Archtrends Portobello after the revisions of this Terms of Use, you agree to comply with the revised items. If you do not agree with the new terms, we recommend that you no longer use Archtrends Portobello.

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