The colors and shapes of Tarsila and Hockney

When we think of the image of California Dreaming, which has inspired so many stories, lives, songs and desires, there is no one better than artist David Hockney to portray the true West Coast spirit in the most vivid colors, textures and shapes.

Architecture X Market: Designed by Brazil

In the opposite direction of the Brazilian export market, based on commodities and more complex industrialized products, such as airplanes and automobiles, some architecture firms venture overseas and get recognition on the other side of the globe

Modern and universal designs: find out more about the three museums of Louvre

With its first headquarters located outside France, on November 11, the Louvre Museum inaugurated a project in Abu Dhabi. But did you know that in addition to its new collection located in the United Arab Emirates, the Louvre already had another museum in a small French city? In this post, I’ll tell you everything about it: the differences in style, the history and what is behind the “three museums of Louvre”. Check it out!